Coming soon

Fall is turning into winter and soon the new year will be upon us.  I am looking forward to beginning a new chapter with Mind Body Spirit Art…stay tuned because there will be many offerings in 2017.  We need to get the younger generation creating and exploring….if you cannot wait and would like to find out what is going to be on the schedule feel free to get in touch.

Peace to All!

A week in pictures…

The 2016 “Mind Body Spirit Art Camp” came to an end on Friday.  As I sort all of the wonderful pictures I am reminded that the point of the camp isn’t to create works of art, it is to experience creation together, whether it be creating a painting or creating a memory-the first time I made a button out of a twig, jumping into the sound, painting on a bridge, viewing an art show, doing yoga.   The world has so many awesome things to experience, right here, right now in our own backyards, beaches, parks…keep nurturing Mind Body Spirit-unplug, experience actual reality…namaste.

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Settling into Summer

Working with children and young adults as an art teacher is one of my favorite things to do, but having summers off has always been a wonderful perk, plus a time to teach in an alternative way, at home, by the shore, by the woods…with a more relaxed time frame. This summer   I will be teaching one week-long workshop as well as private lessons.  The workshops I run have a general focus on being mindful of the moment either when creating, reacting, hiking…whatever one is doing.  There are no cell phones allowed, to help everyone stay present and focused on what is happening in the air around them. Participants should come with the intention to learn new things, to be active and still….both can be wonderfully invigorating!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to place some of my oil  paintings in a stunning garden for the Branford Garden  Club and Branford Arts and Cultural Alliance (BACA)  “Art in the Garden” event, it was a real pleasure to sit and listen to the running water, to feel the breeze, to see the beautiful colors and textures-what a delightful day!