2023 Pratt bound…

So very excited for Evie! She is heading to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn next fall. She isn’t sure what path in art she is taking yet, but here are some of the amazing pieces she has done in the past couple of years.

Summer 2020

So much time has passed since we ran an art workshop…and times have really changed since then!

My daughter’s are now 15 and 17! One is off to college in the fall and the other is heading into sophomore year of high school.   Lily and Evie have always been  involved with my art workshops.  They participated when they were young and assisted as they grew.  It is an awesome experience observing their journey.  I am so excited and proud of how they are nurturing their creative side throughout their lives and are compassionate human beings.  I am putting teaching on hold during the summers, but Evie isn’t.  Take a look at what she is offering…

Art with Evie (this summer)



Lily’s  Senior Project:


“Lily’s project began with a philosophical question about the search for meaning…or more accurately, about how we decide what images and moments are worth capturing and keeping. Lily collects vintage magazines and collages with her own drawings, and she’s skilled and organic enough with her art that she could have made a solid project with only her own questions and resources. What I admire about Lily’s project most is that she wanted to develop her interviewing skills. She presented her subjects with a list of personal questions, and uses their answers to guide each piece: a unique, personalized postcard. Each card has layers of tone as well as layers of visual matter: funny and bittersweet, elegant and crass, each is some kind of meditative portrait of the soul. It must be a significant gift of friendship to show someone this view of themselves, knowing that each tiny marker dot and glued cutout was done with you in the artist’s mind.”

~Ian Melchinger, Chair of Senior Projects




Summer is right around the corner.  This is the first summer in a long time I wont be running art workshops.  Taking some time to be with family and finish some long over due projects will be on my agenda.  I hope that everyone finds something fun & artistic to do over the summer.  Creative Arts Workshop and Guilford Art Center  are close by and have many classes for all ages!  Take a look.

Have a lovely summer!


Run for the Refugees

As the New Year begins so do new opportunities to participate in events that make the world a better place.  My daughter Lily is raising money for an event our family is taking part in on February 4th, Run for the Refugees sponsored by IRIS in New Haven.


Here is a link to Lily’s fundraising page:  Run for the Refugees

With any donation of $5 or more Lily will send you a sticker with her art work on it-designed to remind you to give and love all humans.

Give to IRIS


…and summer begins!

Young artists and creative spirits came together this week!   It was wonderful to take a pause-breathe deeply, create art and take in nature.   We hiked, beach-combed, baked some bread, practiced yoga, hung out with chickens and got greeted daily by Atlas (our lovely cat).   The best and most important aspect of the week was creating and experiencing it all together-meeting new friends-sharing the space and time…remember this is the moment that matters.  Stay connected. Breathe deeply. Live fully.  Create.


Summer with Mind Body Spirit Art

Jump start your child’s summer with a CREATIVE experience!
4 Day Workshop for ages 8-16ish
June 13th-16th (Tues-Fri)
1-4 pm, $165 (arrangements can be made if students need to come earlier or leave later)

Space is very limited (9 students total)

Wouldn’t we all love to listen to some music, go for a hike, do some yoga, sit and meditate-PLUS create art!? That’s what young artists will experience this week at Mind Body Spirit Art.  Students will make art inspired by the world and people around them. Gathering materials from the beach & woods, learning techniques to create mixed-media pieces, paintings, and much more!   Continue reading

Spring “Art” Break…

What an amazing group of students.  We started the week with a sampling of yoga and meditation at the Library in Stony Creek and then hiked to Pine Orchard along the scenic Trolley trail. Photos were taken along the way, lots of budding trees, ducks, Ospreys and fiddler crabs seen from the path.  So nice to be outside with the sun to warm our spirits.

Artists learned techniques in oil painting, acrylic, and ways to combine poetry into their artwork. Plus decorated eggs and took time out for fruit smoothies, popcorn, and apples…

So fortunate to have amazing students!




Spring BREAK,  Art and more…

3 Day Workshop for ages 10-16ish
April 10th, 12th & 14th (M,W,F)
1-4pm, $135 (all supplies included)  Space is very limited

Spring is coming and with that comes the nice weather and the desire to start a new rhythm in life.    I am looking forward to the change in seasons and a chance to connect with some creative artists!  In this 3 day workshop (M,W,F)  artist will  trek from Pine Orchard to Stony Creek.  While walking they will ponder the “path” they are on literally and artistically.  The hike will be inspiration for the oil painting and mixed-media pieces they will be working on during the week.  The workshop will include hiking, Haiku, exploration of mixed-media art, oil painting & an intro to Yoga!
This is the perfect way for a young artist to get inspired, create with like-minded folk, and learn some new techniques to make art and connect the mind, body & spirit.

Workshop Fee: $ 135 (includes all supplies, plus snacks 


Download Registration Form


big (4)

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I’ve decided to start selling products that express the way I am feeling.
This is super simple.  All languages and people are beautiful.  We are all human and
are all connected in some way or another.  The energy on this planet flows thru all of us.  Wear this shirt and feel good about the message you are sending.

Please email me at laura@mindbodyspiritart.org if you have any questions.

with gratitude,