I’m not teaching this summer but Evie is:  Summer 2020

I call what I am offering,  “Mind Body Spirit Art” because activities I facilitate encompass the  whole being, they are meant to stimulate the creative, artistic, curious, altruistic, and adventurous side in all of us, but especially in the younger generation.  Here in “actual reality” there seems to be a lack of tweens and teens. What I mean by that is the younger generation is living in cyberspace and REALLY liking it, because that is where they see their friends, that is where many peers are.

How about going on a train ride to visit Yale Art Gallery with your friends, learning about art, grabbing a hot chocolate?   Or what about  going for a walk on a beach and collecting some gems from the shore to create a work of art?  How about learning to make beautiful bracelets and then teaching someone else to do the same?  Or what about helping decorate the Community Dining Room for Valentines Day?  Maybe it would be nice to learn yoga and how it can help one become more calm and strong?

So that’s what I do.  Create opportunities to experience actual reality with actual peers and like-minded folk.

I have been an art teacher for a while now,  and over the years have done many summer workshops and after school programs. In the summer I love teaching art at my home studio. l  get inspired by nature, just spending the day being observant, creating, collaborating, having fun…experiencing reality-away from the screen.   During the school year most children and young adults take art in a classroom they don’t get to ponder an idea while looking up at the clouds. It is possible to do that all year, why wait for summer?   Ponder, explore, laugh, take time and settle into an idea-Mind Body Spirit Art will help do just that.   Participants will create art, go for hikes in the woods, skip stones in the ocean, visit galleries, do yoga, explore…it is about unplugging, generating new ideas, and living in the present.

A goal of mine is to offer scholarships to kids and young adults that may not have the opportunity to participate in these types of programs. You can purchase “Goods for Good” at this site and help with scholarships and programs.

I have over two decades of experience teaching art to many age groups in 3 lovely Connecticut towns-New Haven, Madison, and Branford.  Currently I work at Walsh Intermediate School, after several years of teaching  art at Branford High School.  My teaching blog is: creatingwithkaiser@blogspot.com.

You can  contact me at lauraconnorskaiser@gmail.com


with gratitude, 





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